Highwater Clay - Phoenix

Quantity   1 - 9     10 - 19     20 - 39     40+  
Price $32.00 $26.00 $24.00 $22.00
“Phoenix is my favorite stoneware clay!” exclaims Steve Loucks, art professor at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. “It is the best one size fits all clay I have found. It throws with such ease, allowing my ideas to effortlessly flow through my fingers. I can alter and embellish, stretch, puncture or add appendages without any worries. My students have created busts, stiff slab constructions and large tiles with great success. The glaze responses in a variety of firing atmospheres are wonderful. It produces great, warm shinos with interesting carbon trappings, as well as copper reds and rich temmokus. In my workshops we have fired pots in wood, salt or even complex pieces in Raku. It is amazing how versatile this clay is.” (Photo provided by Steve Loucks)
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