Single Size, Klay Kutters (Multi-Shape Sets)

PCS1 - 1/2" Klay Kutter Set$12.39 PCS2 - 7/16" Klay Kutter Set$12.29 PCS3 - 3/8" Klay Kutter Set$12.19 PCS4 - 5/16" Klay Kutter Set$11.29 PCS5 - 3/16" Klay Kutter Set$11.39 PCSA - 5/8" Klay Kutter Set$14.55 PCSB - 3/4" Klay Kutter Set$14.55
These cutters are made of brass with a spring-returned plunger. Each set includes 4 shapes (circle, flower, heart and teardrop) each of the same size. Prices range from $8.49-10.89.
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