Here at Florida Clay Art, We gladly accept all forms of payment: cash, most credit cards, and even checks. We are a small business but we still want to provide the best possible experience for our customers and that includes making our payment options easier. However, those that write checks to us should be aware of our "Bounced Check Policy". If you write a check and it bounces, you will have to pay an additional fee on top of the amount that is due. This fee is determined by our banking institution.
Accepting Checks has never been an issue for us until one of our customers took of advantage of the situation and refused to pay what she owes. This is why she is now being featured on our website, in hopes that she will pay us what is due. This is an extreme case of check fraud. This is not an everyday occurence

Diane Louise Gainey; aka Dee Dee Giddens Gainey from 917 Lake Emerald Drive, Orlando, FL 32806 wrote my company an uncollectable check in the amount of $156.01 on 10/26/2012. To this date several promises have been made like Rodney Gainey would bring by cash, or her boyfriend was going to make sure it was taken care of. When the bad debt has been paid on the BAD CHECK this post will come down.

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