Plastic Vitrox

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full bag weight: 50lb
Plastic Vitrox is a feldspathic semi-abrasive mineral consisting of clay, mica, feldspar and silica. In a ceramic casting slip or plastic clay body, PV Clay has the unique capability of promoting plasticity from the clay portion, fluxing action from the feldspar portion, and low shrinkage and stability from the non-plastic quartz portion. Its relatively high potash and soda content give P. V. Clay a lower PCE than most kaolins and ball clays (18 vs. 26-35), and thus it has become widely used in the ceramic industry as a low temperature flux for artware and tile bodies. Its formula is quite similar to Cornwall Stone. It has the unique ability to promote plasticity, fluxing and stability all from the same material. It has an ideal combination of feldspathic silicates and kaolinites that permit low temperature firing in high talc bodies with exceptional resistance to glaze crazing and dunting during cooling. It fires white to impart outstanding casting properties to ceramic casting bodies and floor & wall tile bodies. P.V. Clay is also used as a filler in rubber products, as a mild abrasive in polishes and cleansers, and as an extender for coatings, compounds, and other industrial products. This produces a casting body which casts quickly, has good dry strength, a light color and long firing range and resists crazing very well.
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