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Magic Water

WHEN TO USE? Magic water is used when the bond between two pieces of clay is suspect for cracking during drying or bisque firing. Cracks can occur when one piece of clay dries faster or when one piece of clay is applied to another piece that is already a dryer leather hard. Both of these conditions cause stress on the clay causing cracking. HOW IT WORKS Sodium in the soda ash and the sodium silicate is a powerful flux. the silica in the sodium silicate adds some glass-former. The water is to dissole the soda ash and therefore travels a litttle way into wet clay. The sodium silicate is sticky and dries really hard and faster than the clay does. The end result is that the Magic Water makes a sticky layer of almost-glaze that soaks into the surrounding clay and dries hard. Thus cracks are prevented in the drying and the bond is stronger after firing. HOW TO MAKE MAGIC MUD Chop up 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup of either paper napkin, toilet paper, or paper towel. Add3/4 to2/3 of a cup of bone dry clay hammered into small pieces, or powdered. It is better to use the same clay for both, magic mud and your actual project. Soak over night in Magic Water poured one inch above clay and paper mixture. Blend in electric blender. Pour off excess water Slip is ready for use.
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